Reclining ergometers

ergoselect 1200

The classic tilt-recline ergometer for dynamic stress echocardiography examinations. The angle of inclination can be electrically set both horizontally and laterally between 0 and 45°. The drop section in the couch surface facilitates the ultrasound examination. Multiple adjustable support elements also provide the patient with stability in the lateral position.

  • patient weight up to 140 kg
  • horizontal and lateral inclination up to 45°
  • remote motor control
  • load range from 6 to 1000 watts
  • choice of upholstery colors available
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  • universal interfaces
  • wide range of expansion options

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All key data in a single display.
The LC display stands out for its excellent readability.

In addition to the control option via PC-ECG or ECG recorder, the intuitive operation also enables the performance of custom ergometric test protocols or manual load adjustments. As an alternative to the permanently attached control terminal, a free-standing version with table stand is also available.

The folding pad element considerably simplifies ultrasound examinations in lateral patient positions.

A compact remote control is used to drive the motors for examination couch adjustment (tilt and incline) and to adjust the seat.

3 ergometer positions can be saved and recalled at the touch of a button.

A stable support bracket provides the patient with a secure hold while moving on and off the reclining ergometer.

The reclining stress echo ergometer can be equipped with removable leg rests on both sides, making it suitable for interim examinations as well.

The pad cushions are available in many colors to match any practice or hospital interior design.
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All leading ECG manufacturers support a control option for ergoline ergometers in their exercise ECG or ergospirometry systems.

ergoline ergometers offer a wide range of interfaces for this purpose. In addition to the standard RS-232 and USB interface, analog and wireless connections via Bluetooth or WLAN are available as well.

The optionally integrated, automatic blood pressure measurement supplies precise measuring values, even at high stress levels. The cuff with its specially developed microphone can be plugged into both sides of the reclining surface. A comfortable armrest secures the arm during the measurement.

The optionally available safety belt guarantees additional patient safety.


  • Option

    Separate control terminal

    • external control terminal on stand
    • cable connection to the ergometer (with cable protector)
    • (cannot be added later on)

    Part number : 161904


    Automatic blood pressure measurement

    • module for automatic blood pressure measurement
    • integrated in the ergometer (type P or K)
    • cuff connection in the control terminal
    • standard cuff included
    • different cuff sizes available

    Part number : 161901


    Leg rests

    • padded leg rest
    • can be plugged in
    • pair (right + left)
    • can be added later on

    Part number : 705119


    Expanded control terminal "K"

    • large graphic display
    • integrated receiver for heart rate chest strap
    • ergometry
    • pulse-controlled training
    • constant-load training
    • interval training
    • performance test protocols

    Part number : 161903

  • Accessories

    Arm rest (catheterization)

    • stainless steel arm rest
    • swiveling, adjustable
    • including attachment (holder) for accessory rail

    Part number : 705117


    Arm rest, curved

    • arm rest for blood pressure measurement
    • including attachment (holder) for accessory rail

    Part number : 705116

    Fastening strap for pedal shoes (pair)

    • spare strap for pedal shoe
    • plastic press lock
    • including metal holder, screws, etc.

    Part number : 705325


    Device support for calibration

    consisting of:

    • 1 x extendable support
    • 2 x wheel chock

    Part number : 705187



    • additional grab handle
    • including attachment (holder) for accessory rail

    Part number : 705118


    Infusion holder, complete

    • infusion holder, multiple adjustments possible
    • including attachment (holder) for accessory rail

    Part number : 705121


    Cuff, large (metal D-ring)

    • cuff for extra strong arms
    • for arm circumference of 32 to 42 cm

    Part number : 705090


    Cuff, pediatric (metal D-ring)

    • pediatric cuff
    • for arm circumference of 17 to 26 cm

    Part number : 705092


    Cuff, standard (metal D-ring)

    • standard size
    • for arm circumference of 24 to 32 cm

    Part number : 705088

Additional views

Technical details

Product Information

Dimensions and weight

Reclining ergometer

Length: 240 cm, foot print (max.) ca. 260 cm x 120 cm
Width: 90 cm
Height: 180 cm (max.)
Weight: approx. 140 kg

Reclining ergometer with packaging

Length: 209 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 157 cm
Weight: approx. 158 kg

Further information
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User manual and downloads

The user manual, documents, software and technical specifications can be downloaded here – free of charge.

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