Cardiac rehabilitation

ers.2 training in the classical sense

Ergometer training with ECG recording based on a suction electrode system or disposable electrodes has been an established working method in cardiac rehabilitation for many years.

For this purpose, ergoline offers a full equipment line for conducting controlled training sessions during cardiological rehabilitation.

Bicycle ergometers, special ergometers for obese patients, or arm ergometers—all ergoline ergometers can be operated with the ers.2 system, using the integrated ergoline ECG amplifier.

Ergometer training with ECG recording

  • Acquisition of a 1-channel ECG via leadwires (adhesive electrodes or vacuum system)
  • Software-driven training equipment, central load control
  • Proven and efficient–easy to disinfect for quick group changes
  • Full data overview – including at the ergometer display (ECG waveform, blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate)

Integrated ECG amplifier (with suction system)

For ECG acquisition with wired electrodes, the ergoline rehabilitation ergometers can be equipped with an integrated ECG amplifier.

The ECG is acquired via the suction system integrated into the ergometer or via 3 disposable adhesive electrodes and transmitted to the ers.2 software. The ECG quality can be checked on the ergometer display at all times.

SpO2 measurement

The ers.2 software also offers an SpO2-controlled training mode, i.e. the ergometer load is automatically adjusted to the patient’s current SpO2 value.

The use of a SoftTip sensor instead of a clip reliably prevents the sensor from slipping off the finger during the training. This ensures continuous control of the current oxygen saturation (SpO2).

ers.2 software

The powerful ers.2 software relies on an intuitive operation concept and enables versatile group training in compliance with the applicable guidelines in medical training therapy for up to 24 patients.

ers.2 system




ers.2 telemetry

Wireless training with ECG radio transmitters means enhanced safety and convenience – for patients and therapists alike.


User manual and downloads

The user manual, documents, software and technical specifications can be downloaded here – free of charge.

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