Cardiac rehabilitation

ers.2 training monitoring on the move

The EOA app for Android tablets is an integrated on-the-go solution for performing and documenting training units outdoors and in field tests with up to six patients.

Whether the 6-minute walk test or outdoor training, the EOA app meets all the requirements of mobile monitoring in cardiac rehabilitation. The full integration in the ers.2 software platform warrants easy, centralized management of the patient data, analysis, and reporting.

The EOA app for Android tablets

  • Greater safety in the field with patient-specific limit values and information for the therapist
  • Motivation based on direct feedback to the patient (e.g. personal pulse check versus measured heart rate)
  • Documentation of additional vital parameters (ECG, HR, BP, SpO2)
  • Planning of training groups and participating patients with the ers.2 software
  • Documentation and analysis of field trainings in the ers.2 system

ECG monitoring on the move with the ergopad app

During the training, the key data of all patients are sent to the ergopad app on the mobile devices of the therapist or physician.

All important patient parameters are available everywhere – to guarantee a high level of patient safety. If necessary, therapists can immediately consult a physician. Current patient information can be transmitted over WLANs, e.g. to the physician's office or even during hospital rounds.

Chest strap transmitter for 1-channel ECG

Faster patient preparation: Simply snap in to connect the ECG transmitter to the flexible, adjustable ergoline chest strap. ECG data are transmitted wirelessly to the ers.2 system – up to a distance of 100 m. The use of commercially available AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries ensures safe, stable power supply for the transmitter.

ers.2 software

The powerful ers.2 software relies on an intuitive operation concept and enables versatile group training in compliance with the applicable guidelines in medical training therapy for up to 24 patients.

ers.2 system




ers.2 training in the classical sense

Ergometer training with ECG recording based on a suction electrode system or disposable electrodes has been an established working method in cardiac rehabilitation for many years.


ers.2 telemetry

Wireless training with ECG radio transmitters means enhanced safety and convenience – for patients and therapists alike.


User manual and downloads

The user manual, documents, software and technical specifications can be downloaded here – free of charge.

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